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“Ka-ching!” That’s the sound of someone paying for a delivery with cold, hard cash. You might be thinking, “Wait, who does that anymore in this digital age?” Well, brace yourself, dear reader, because as it turns out, a lot of people do. Let’s embark on this cash-quest, shall we?

1. Cash on Delivery (COD): A Quick Primer
COD is precisely what it sounds like: you order something, it comes to your door, and then you pay for it—in cash. No swiping, tapping, or password-remembering required. It’s as old-school as listening to music on a vinyl record, but it has its charm.

2. Why It’s Still a Thing:

  • Trust Issues: Not everyone’s on board with putting their financial details online. For some, the thought of a cyber breach is scarier than a caffeine-free morning.
  • Immediate Gratification: There’s something viscerally satisfying about handing over cash and receiving a product in the same breath. No waiting for payment gateways, no annoying “Transaction Failed” notifications.
  • Accessibility: Believe it or not, not everyone has a credit card. Shocking, right? For these folks, COD is the superhero sans cape.

3. Nairobi and the COD Love Affair
Now, Nairobi has its own flavors of quirks and preferences. And when it comes to COD, it’s no different.

  • Banking Hesitation: Some Nairobians remain wary of traditional banking systems, let alone digital ones. To them, cash is still king.
  • First-Time E-Shoppers: There’s an upswing in people testing the online shopping waters. And they find COD comforting, like dipping one’s toes before diving into the pool of e-commerce.

4. But (Yes, There’s Always a ‘But’)…

  • Safety Concerns: Delivery personnel carrying cash can be susceptible to theft. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns.
  • Operational Hiccups: Failed deliveries after a COD order means double logistics – returning the product and the cash.

5. The Future: Is COD Fading or Adapting?
While digital payments are racing ahead, don’t write COD’s obituary just yet.

  • Hybrid Models: Some businesses are merging COD with mobile money. You order, they deliver, you pay cash, and they transfer it digitally.
  • Loyalty Programs: To encourage COD, some smart businesses offer incentives—discounts, loyalty points, or a heartfelt “Thank you for not making our delivery person carry change for a thousand!”

In Conclusion:
While we all love the convenience that modern tech offers, sometimes the old ways hold their own. Cash on Delivery is like that resilient old tree in the midst of a buzzing city – it has its roots deep, providing shade to those who seek it. So, the next time you opt for COD, relish the nostalgia, and remember, you’re part of a legacy!🛍️💵🚚


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