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“Ka-ching!” That’s the sound of someone paying for a delivery with cold, hard cash. You might be thinking, “Wait, who does that anymore in this digital age?” Well, brace yourself, dear reader, because as it turns out, a lot of people do. Let’s embark on this cash quest, shall we?

1. Cash on Delivery (COD): A Quick Primer
COD is precisely what it sounds like; you order something, it comes to your door, and then you pay for it—in cash. No swiping, tapping, or password-remembering is required. It’s as old-school as listening to music on a vinyl record, but it has its charm.

2. Why It’s Still a Thing:

  • Trust Issues: Not everyone’s on board with putting their financial details online. For some, the thought of a cyber breach is scarier than a caffeine-free morning.
  • Immediate Gratification: There’s something viscerally satisfying about handing over cash and receiving a product in the same breath. No waiting for payment gateways, no annoying “Transaction Failed” notifications.
  • Accessibility: Believe it or not, not everyone has a credit card. Shocking, right? For these folks, COD is the superhero sans cape.

3. Nairobi and the cash-on-delivery Love Affair
Now, Nairobi has its own flavors of quirks and preferences. And when it comes to COD, it’s no different.

  • Banking Hesitation: Some Nairobians remain wary of traditional banking systems, let alone digital ones. To them, cash is still king.
  • First-Time E-Shoppers: There’s an upswing in people testing the online shopping waters. And they find COD comforting, like dipping one’s toes before diving into the pool of e-commerce.

4. But (Yes, There’s Always a ‘But’)…

  • Safety Concerns: Delivery personnel carrying cash can be susceptible to theft. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns.
  • Operational Hiccups: Failed deliveries after a cash-on-delivery order means double logistics – returning the product and the cash.

5. The Future: Is COD Fading or Adapting?
While digital payments are racing ahead, don’t write COD’s obituary just yet.

  • Hybrid Models: Some businesses are merging cash-on-delivery with mobile money. You order, they deliver, you pay cash, and they transfer it digitally.
  • Loyalty Programs: To encourage cash-on-delivery, some smart businesses offer incentives—discounts, loyalty points, or a heartfelt “Thank you for not making our delivery person carry change for a thousand!”

In Conclusion:
While we all love the convenience that modern tech offers, sometimes the old ways hold their own. Cash on Delivery is like that resilient old tree amid a buzzing city – it has its roots deep, providing shade to those who seek it. So, the next time you opt for cash-on-delivery, relish the nostalgia, and remember, you’re part of a legacy!🛍️💵🚚


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